Weddings - Our Specialty!

If you are looking for a Disc Jockey for your upcoming Wedding, look no further!! No pushy sales staff, no fancy advertising, just consistent reliable service and we thank you for giving us the opportunity to present to you our wedding services.


At Jas Productions, we do more than just play great music. Our mission is to offer you a “Wedding to Remember”. In our eyes, the right entertainment service can provide 1) peace of mind that your day will flow effortlessly 2) that everyone has a great time, gets involved and dances the day or night away and 3) that your guests talk about your wedding long after your special day.  We have created hundreds of "Weddings to Remember". Let us help you create yours! 

 Jas Productions serves as the Master Of Ceremonies and orchestrates all of the entertainment details for your reception. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with you and all of your other vendors in order to coordinate the particulars of your event in advance.

Keep in mind that we continue to play for the "thrill" of supplying great entertainment at an affordable cost. Like any other professional who takes great pride in their work, our goal is to make your wedding day the best it can be. Many of our past clients have said that their wedding was the best wedding they had ever been to. Believe us when we tell you that we want your wedding reception to be everything you thought it would be and much more!

Jas Productions’ Guide on:

How to choose the right entertainment service for your wedding.

  • Select your DJ.  How much experience does the DJ have?  We provide detailed biographies of all our staff.  The wedding DJ's at Jas Productions have a minimum of 10 years and upwards of 25 years experience. We provide a consistent, reliable service every time
  • Get a reference for your DJ.  We have several customers who would be happy to talk with you and share their past experiences with Jas Production.  Many couples are simply overwhelmed by the great time they had at their reception.  We will supply you with contact information from our referral list.
  • Meet your specific DJ.  We will set-up an appointment for you to meet and get to know the DJ and his/her personality and style. 
  • See your DJ in action.  Instead of a video clip, we will provide you with your choice DJ’s wedding schedule, so that you can make a brief visit to one of the events and witness at our performance first hand. As a courtesy to our customers, we require observers to be dressed appropriately and observe the strict timeline. (Limited to two visitors per event)
  • Put your thoughts on paper.  We will meet with you and have an inter-active planning session, using our wedding planner, to compose: the order of events, the formal introductions, the timing of toasts, tosses and other traditions as well as all of your selected music. There are no "surprises" that the couple did not plan on in advance.
  • Get value for your money.  The highest priced DJ does not equate to the best quality service.  Jas Productions believes in treating our customers fairly with regard to wedding services.
  • Understand your contract.  Read the terms for payment, cancellation, security, location and special effects. Our wedding contracts specify your chosen DJ.  Jas Productions will travel out of state.  While it is never required to feed a DJ, it is always very much appreciated. We never felt it was necessary to put it in the contract as most couples do provide some type of meal. Most function facilities will provide what they call a "Vendor Meal" at a lower cost to you. Keep in mind that a typical 5 hour reception results in an 8 hour work day for our DJs. 
  • Consider combining service companies.  Through the years we’ve had the opportunity to work with the best in the business. Our list of “best-in-class” professionals continues to grow.  By booking through Jas Productions, you can benefit from preferred services listed on our vendor’s page.
  • Do your homework.  In order to find the right fit for your wedding, you will want to feel comfortable with the staff and offerings of your DJ service provider.  It is our intention that this webpage be a resource for you.  We would love to hear more about your plans.

If ever a day in your life deserves the finest entertainment, your wedding day is it! You will spend months planning this day. John Silipigno and the staff at Jas Productions believe that the entertainment for your wedding will be a major factor in the memories that you and your guests will share for years to come.

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