Karaoke / Wedding Specialist
Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s / Game Show

DJ Peter has been dance music since the pre-Nirvana days, which these days qualifies him as old school. From the time he got his first set of 1200's up to his current all digital laptop computer system. He puts a lot into his shows, having only the best music and latest & best equipment. The results speak for themselves; He has rocked the party at major Boston nightclubs, and has been flown across the country (and beyond!) for his warehouse raves, which truly puts him in a different class of DJ.
Coming soon to a party near you!

Peter started out over 14 years ago at WMEB in Orono, Maine. Even in his first year, he stood out, quickly being voted the Best DJ at the station, beating out the 40 other Disc Jockeys at the cutting edge station.

Human Interest Bit:
Then comes Leigh. Leigh was the student in charge of hiring DJ's & Bands at Wellesley College. She worked with Peter on a number of huge Wellesley parties, but she eventually made the mistake of dating the help. They eventually married at Wellesley College less than 50 feet from the dance party where they originally met. Leigh has not been immune to the D.J. bug herself, having her own radio show, and a number of parties each year.

Lets sum it up:
Peter J. has done thousands of parties: college, corporate, weddings --even Karaoke, just for the fun of it.(he truly has no shame), he has worked on both sides of the mic, at places like W-MEB, W-RBB, W-ZLY, W-BCN and W-ZBC.  He has also done parties for numerous radio-stations such as JAMN 94.5, W-XKS:KISS 108, and many others-with numerous parties for the New England Patriots, and Nightclubs from here to Canada. He has been written up by Boston press as being one of the best D.J.s in Boston.