DJ John Silipigno
(aka) DJ JAS

John Silipigno (aka DJ JAS) has been entertaining the Boston area for over 14 years.  John invests all his time back into the clientele and the company. Through a good friend Tom Walsh, John has experienced the best of the best and has always admired his opinion, and he thanks Tom for all the opportunities he has given him. John is currently employed with Advantage Sales & Marketing as a Retail Supervisor for the North East Division, covering Eastern Pennsylvania, NY and the New England overseeing the Del Monte Foods product line. At the age of 30, John has accomplished only what some have dreamed about.  John a graduate of Don Bosco Technical H.S. in the certificate program of Construction Technology and continued his education at Massassoit Community College in the field of Structural Engineering. John while obtaining valuable business information attending classes in college had realized that his true interest was running his own Entertainment Company. John is the founder and owner of JAS PRODUCTIONS and has successfully been in business for 8yrs.

John started out on his disc jockey path in 1994 doing the summer beach parties at his parents home, located in a small family association in NH. From there he rapidly obtain all the local events in the town of Moultonboro. At this point John realized there was a great market for this type of entertainment and now fulfills many beach parties, luau events and private cruises on Lake Winnipasauke throughout the summer months in the area. John living in the Boston area continued to rally events donating his time, just to get the spotlight on Jas Productions. Jas Productions now holds a significant clientele list which in includes many of the Middle Schools and High Schools in the Boston and surrounding areas.

Human Interest Bit:
The number one question asked to a DJ, you must meet a lot of women in this line of business right ?? To answer this question truthfully is YES. However to clear things up for the outside world, John has been involved in a serious relationship with his fiancé Cheryl for the past 6 years and recently got engaged and has a wedding date schedule for Sept 2009. John would like to say thanks to Cheryl for all her love and support she has given him throughout the past years, to grow the company to the size it is today.


Fun Facts:
The JAS in Jas Productions stands for John Anthony Silipigno the owners full name. John enjoys competitive slalom water skiing, and barefoot water skiing, thanks to his buddy Tom Mullins. “If you failed to plan, Then you planned to fail “ has always been the motto John has applied to his work.

To sum it up:
John has always performed in the customers best interest and the answer is always YES. He has always thought out of the box, to ensure a finely tuned event. To execute the customers requests was Johns first thought, but then to exceed their expectations allowed John and Jas Productions to deliver “The Next Level of Entertainment” John has the experience to customize and tailor the event to make your own special event to remember.